A “Slow city" since 2003, Levanto is located in the Ligurian Riviera of Levante, bordering the Cinque Terre National Park.

In this pretty town you will discover:

  • One of the most beautiful beaches in Liguria, today a popular destination for surfers, partly free, partly equipped,
  • A charming historic center with its medieval loggia, shops, bars, restaurants and a cinema
  • The gardens with children's rides,
  • A romantic stroll on the sea,
  • A marina from which you may book scuba diving or boat trips,
  • A new bicycle and pedestrian path leading through the nearby railroad tunnels to the neighboring towns of Bonassola and Framura, opening on beautiful creeks
  • The opportunity to practice different sports: bicycle tours, swimming, sailing, tennis, skate courses

Many initiatives are offered for entertaining guests and residents: concerts, tastings, literary presentations, beach parties and performances by the historical group of musicians and bandwagon artists.


Villa Caterina will be a good starting point for your excursions:

• on foot or by bicycle, discovering the many medieval settlements of our valley
• on foot, by boat or train to the nearby Cinque Terre National Park which, with its unique seaside villages, has been acknowledged as Unesco World Heritage Site,
• by boat or by car to the famous resorts of Portovenere and Portofino,
• by train or by car to other splendid Ligurian villages
• by car or bike in the nearby and green Val di Vara,
• by car in well-known art cities such as Genoa, Lucca and Pisa, reachable in about one hour thanks to the highway being close-by.